Vivian & Johan Mulder are a genuine jazzcouple from Haarlem, the Netherlands. From their childhood on they listen to jazz since both their dads were/are active as musicians in the light music genre. They are both skilled and schooled musicians who perform with the same ease during a dinner- or weddingparty as on a jazzfestival or in a jazzclub.

Following the tradition of their musical dads they add a slight touch of old school entertainment to their well performed jazzstandards, and they also add vocals to their music, mostly in English, because they like to play in the tradition of the American Songbook, but some lyrics are in Portuguese in the Jobim/Bossanova tradition.

The Mulders know a lot of tunes and that’s why many Dutch musicians -or US expats- like to play with them, because usually they don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Enjoy the music samples on the samples page called: “Muziekfragmenten” or the snapshots on the gallery page called: ”Fotogalerij”, or the YouTube video’s on the YouTube page. In following the links you’ll take a small course in Dutch :-) The site is mainly in Dutch because the majority of our customers are Dutch: at this particular moment we only perform in the Netherlands.  By the way: reactions in French or German are welcome, we can read these languages. Regards, Mulder & Mulder.

Recently I bought a new small HD camcorder, so new  YouTube-videos are on their way, the quality will be acceptable.

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